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The apparel sector has some of the best corporate performers on climate like Nike, as well as some of the worst. Go Green’s partner Climate Counts has scored seven major apparel companies representing brands like Gap, Juicy Couture, Banana Republic, Hurley, Abercrombie & Fitch, Converse, and Old Navy. Of the apparel companies scored by Climate Counts, two -- VF Corporation and Jones Apparel Group -- are in the "stuck" category. VF owns well-known brands like Lee, Wrangler, Eastpak, Vans, and North Face. Jones Apparel owns brands like Nine West and Anne Klein.

It's time for all companies in the apparel sector to rise to the challenge and reach for the bar that's been set by Nike and others. Your cell phone is all you need to send a message to the world's largest companies that climate change matters to YOU.

Sign our petition to tell the apparel industry to get serious about global climate change.

To take a stand, text "GOGREEN" to 66937

Every item that we buy has a hidden impact on our planet and on our health. Each technology, product, and service has its own set of impacts along the way from its manufacture and transport, through its use in our homes and workplaces, to the time we dispose of it. These unseen impacts are incredibly important to support a more stable and sustainable environment.

As shoppers, young people finally have sound ways to gauge the hidden consequences of what they buy. By encouraging and promoting brands that have taken climate change seriously, Young people can shift market share toward environmental benefits. As they tell their family, post on Facebook, and Twitter our friends what they have learned, the power of their individual choices multiplies.

This collaboration between Go Green Foundation and Climate Counts is designed to help young people make more green-aware buying decisions at the point of purchase – right on their mobile phones.

Go Green Foundation has partnered with Climate Counts to bring action-oriented content about well know consumer companies – representing more than 5000 brands – on their commitment and action to address climate change. By putting score in young consumer hands – mobile phones – allowing them to compare and contrast companies they know well, Go Green and Climate Counts hope young people will vote with their dollars by supporting companies that take measurable steps to reduce their environmental impact.

Since 2007, ClimateCounts.org has been scoring some of the world's most well-known companies on their efforts to address the global climate crisis. Are companies measuring their impact? Are they reducing their impact? Are they demonstrating climate leadership in every aspect of their business? Are they supporting good public policy on climate change? And are they being open and transparent with consumers about their climate actions? Climate Counts uses 22 criteria spanning these key questions to give companies a score of 0 to 100. Depending on their score, companies are categorized as "striding," "starting," or "stuck" on climate change. You can access the Go Green Raise Your Voice initiative, featuring Climate Counts' Company Scorecard, to see how serious companies are about stopping climate change - and how they compare to their competitors. The annually updated scorecard reflects the self-reported efforts of companies to address climate change - or avoid it altogether.

The higher the score, the greater the company's commitment to fighting global warming.

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