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Looking for the chance to develop key career skills through hands-on experience? Our internship programs provide students the opportunity to apply their hard-earned education to real-world environmental sustainability and social impact projects.

As sustainability becomes more integrated within the business strategies and operations of global companies, the specific skill sets these companies require to support innovation, product development and other attributes of value creation become increasingly important. Marketplace dynamics and economic trends, government policies, technological change and the expectations of current and future employees and customers all create a highly dynamic business environment.

A company’s ability to stay focused on executing its business plan while demonstrating resilience and adaptability to marketplace and societal changes becomes a greater strategic imperative.

In this setting, the Go Green Foundation has identified the core skills needed by our next generation of leaders to prepare them better for future employment in companies with strong sustainability agendas. This generation will be expected to demonstrate greater competencies in the implementation of sustainable business strategies.

Our empirical research and examination of these skills with senior executives of various companies across multiple business sectors, educators, sustainability advocates and activists, leads to the following list of skills:

Critical thinking and problem-solving *
Collaboration across networks and leading by influence *
Agility and adaptability *
Initiative and entrepreneurialism *
Effective oral and written communication *
Accessing and analyzing information *
Curiosity and imagination *

* “The World Is Flat” – Thomas L. Friedman
* “Whole New Mind” – Daniel H. Pink
* “Strategy For Sustainability” – Adam Werbach
* “Power: Why Some People Have it And Others Don’t – Jeffrey Pfeffer
* “Leadership From The Inside Out” – Kevin Cashman

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APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 31st, 2015

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